1.1.2 Patch Notes

Changelog (Englisch)Bearbeiten


-Updated version number -Change the flares shape, more of an ellipse. This should allow you to still see the pteranodon's mark if the human is spotted, but otherwise should cover them. -Flares duration shortened to 10 seconds. -Flares capacity changed to 3. Limit of 3 flares on the field at a time per pathfinder. -Dilophosaurus' short range spit does more damage. -Dilophosaurus' stamina regeneration increased, jump stamina cost increased. -Fixed raptor pounce bug when the raptor doesn't appear on the victim. -Feather raptor should now play music properly. -Attempting to fix the round end victory/defeat sounds. -Fixed the bug where the commando's larger picture was not showing up in the class select menu.  -Server names should now be correct. -Autobalance should pick a random person for switching. -Set the countdown timer at the victory screen to 15 seconds instead of 10.  -Raptor can no longer roar when it cannot use it's frenzy. -Tranquilizer dart ammo increased from 3 to 9 -Tranquilizer dart shoots much faster now. -Dinosaurs now need more hits from tranquilizer darts to be tranquilized. -Tranquilizer dart reserve ammo increased to 54. -Sniper rifle is now more accurate when crouching. -Added in dynamic shadow option -Changed the depth of view title to color grading.  -Added in map rotation and associated config files. -Tyrannosaurus no longer gets it's head locked down when tapping crouch. -Attempted to fix the bug where the tyrannosaurus' head gets locked up in high latency situations -Updated Unreal Engine -Fixed menu crashing -Fixed credits error where a name was overlapping the donator heading -Tweaked distances for dinosaurs footsteps. -Added long distance sounds for human weapons. -Match end victory/defeat messages should be more accurate now. -Attempting to fix the spawn spawning on the wrong side bug. -Humans regenerate stamina slightly faster now.

All maps

Various fixes to layout.


-Added blocking volumes over the legs of the crane truck in the cargo container area to prevent humans from jumping onto them.  -Added water post process volume.

Utility Base

-Rocks with bad collision now replaced. -Various minor landscape, vegetation and pick up placements adjusted as appropriate.


-Added moss and detail texture to the forest rock material.


-Enabled collision on dome wall pillars. -Moved tanks outside dome closer to wall to prevent camping behind tanks. -Added some underwater rocks to mark where the river starts to be dangerous and block people from randomly stumbling in.