1.1.1 Patch Notes

Changelog (Englisch)Bearbeiten

General Changes

Making progress on fixing achievement implementation.

Added in-game music.

Added end of round victory/defeat sound cues.
Added the FOV value to the FOV slider.
Added Motion Blur toggle to the options.
Added Nvidia and other sponsor intro videos.
Removed AA option, as Unreal does not support AA on DX9 thus causing a crash.
Health and ammo gain sounds should play correctly now.
Credits should play properly on all machines now.
Increased the efficiency of the end of round victory/defeat check.
Lightened the end of round door closing animation.
Framerate smoothing disabled, as it was reported to cause problems with certain GPUs


The Falls:

Light map quality increased.
Improved terrain textures (reduced tiling).
Hay feeder building added.
Restored collision on many objects.
Removed slope up to the dome rim camping spot.
New human pickup arrangement.
Moved some trees.
Various other changes.

Forest Chasm:

Light map quality increased.
Improved terrain textures (reduced tiling).
Hay feeder building added.
T-Rex access fixes.
Removed recessed camp area near one of the bridges.
Adjusted some rock platforms to prevent humans from camping in those areas.
Updated the river inside the chasm.
Steps taken to reduce glowing foliage.
Various other changes.

Air Base:

Light map quality increased.
Floodlight lens flares should be in the proper locations.
Brighter emissive for the floodlights.
Minor object placement changes.
Removed a reflector that wasn’t doing anything and just draining perofrmance.
Set some of the rain particles to medium detail level.


Light map quality increased.
Players can no longer jump onto pallet of goods from bollard on wharf.
Sandbags now lying more realistically on ground at quayside stockade and blocked correctly.
Humans can no longer camp under corner crane.
Added more blocking volumes to restrict walking around ship edge behind cargo crates.
Added blocking volumes over the legs of the crane truck in the cargo container area to prevent humans from jumping onto them.

Utility Base:

Light map quality increased.

Classes General:

Changed class text and stats when picking a class.


Fixed Novaraptor skin select bug.
Feathered raptor feathers changed to masked to make it shadow correctly.
Fixing raptor pounce bug when the raptor doesn't appear on the victim.
Raptor pounce shouldn't be able to teleport into bad areas anymore.


Carnotaurus head swing animation should now play properly.


Reduced opacity of flamethrower flame particles.
Removed flamethrowers momentum.